We’ll give 50 points to anyone who can clear their throat, take a sip of water, and tell us what fear that title refers to. Happy Friday to you, Denver! We’re here to bring you the best news-ish podcast around, and here’s what we’ve got this week:
*We’re officially past the halfway point of the year, so how those New Year’s Resolutions doing? We check in, and Jon gives some helpful hints for making resolutions that count from his pal Dr. Sheryl Ziegler. Check out her podcast here.
*RTD is free in July and August, so take advantage! Westword has a lot more here.
*Given the way kids and dogs are afraid of the loud 4th of July noises – storms and fireworks this year! – it seems apropos to talk phobias. What are you afraid of? Kevin gives us Dale Earnhardt Jr’s weird phobias and Jon gives us a list of four of the more bizarre ones out there.
*Some idiot decided to leave his dog in the car while he went golfing (!!!), and despite the best efforts of good samartian passersby, the dog died in the hot car anyway. Appalling. Don’t leave your pets in the car. And if you dare, the full story is here.
*In better dog news, a dog who fell off a 14er was rescued and seems to be doing fine. You can read more about that here.
*Hey! Don’t drive into a flooded road! That doesn’t seem like something we need to remind you of, but apparently no amount of reminding is too much given that first responders had to rescue some folks in the last rainstorm. Come on! But thanks to our first responders, who rule. Full story here.
*Wimbledon is happening! Jon gives his tennis picks, and we all weigh in on obscure events from around the globe that we’d like to attend before we die.
*Gird your gag reflex because Joey Chestnut took home his 16th consecutive Mustard Belt by devouring 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Yuck. But impressive! Here’s that story.
*Rest in Peace, Alan Arkin, one of the greatest actors there was. We share some memories and talk about what makes an actor great. You can read a good retrospective of him here.
*Cool stuff to do closes the show with Record Thieves at Herman’s Hideaway, Paramore w/The Linda Lindas at Ball Arena, a Whiskey Fest in Douglas County, and a comprehensive of all events found here.
Happy Friday Denver!
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