It’s a splendid Friday here in the Mile High, so roll those windows down, crank up some tunes, and gaze at the bizarre billboard of two deer looking at an ancient desktop computer (apparently) searching for Denver’s best and weirdest news-ish podcast. Arthur, Jon and Kevin are here to kick off your weekend right proper. Here’s what we cover this week:

*In the genre of “Things Too Stupid To Exist” you can file away “Billboard for a Podcast.” What can we say? We take big swings around here, and that’s worth talking about as a life philosophy.

*Denver has a new Mayor in Michael Johnston. This marks Denver’s 2nd consecutive mayor named “Michael.” He promises to end chronic homelessness in his first term. Bold! We wish him luck and remain cautiously optimistic about the change. The Denver Post has a good story about him here.

*The PGA Tour ignored its months of lip service bad-mouthing LIV Golf and took a metric ton of money from the Saudi Public Investment Fund to “combine” with the rogue tour. Money talks, we guess. Here’s a charmingly sardonic article from The Ringer about it.

*Where are the best sopaipillas in Denver? Yelp has its answer and we talk about it. Original article here.

*”Everyday is The Truman Show and We’re All Insane” is the article title from The AV Club noting the 25th anniversary of the film and how it foretold a scary amount of our culture in 2023, the year of our lord. Full article here.

*The 88 is Denver’s last drive-in movie theatre, and we have thoughts. Full article here.

*The future of Bear Creek Lake hangs in the balance, and we preach civic engagement. Full story about the fate of the lake here.

*Keri Cotterman has created an online community to help those navigating cancer. We love seeing people do good work, and we salute her. Full story here.

*Arthur shares a very personal story about how important discipline is in getting to where you ultimately want to go, and the other guys weigh in.

*In our last segment, we share our picks for things to do this weekend including Save Ferris playing ska at the Gothic, the Denver Chalk Art Festival, and the Five Points Jazz Festival.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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