It’s summer and we’re partying! Thanks for the invite! Arthur, Jon and Kevin are here with your favorite weekly Denver news-ish podcast and here’s what we’re covering heading into this most patriotic of holiday weekends:

*Box of bees. We repeat, BOX OF BEES. That’s what one homeowner had thrown at her near Colorado Blvd. and Bruce Randolph Ave. Yikes. We talk about it and the whole story is here.

*It finally reached 90 degrees and it felt late, didn’t it? How late? Let’s find out. Full story here.

*A dude decided to walk from Swedish Medical Center to the top of Mt. Evans as he considers summiting Mt. Everest. Interesting! You can find more about that here.

*Red Lobster’s “Endless Shrimp” promotion is now an all-the-time thing. Ok! Let’s share our opinions and experiences about Red Lobster. More here.

*According to Bon Appetit, Sap Sua in East Denver is one of the most anticipated restaurant openings in the country this year. And it’s about to open! Here’s more.

*Rino Arts District makes itself friendlier to actual artists by completing a cool project. Let’s hope it does what they want it to. More here.

*What are the highest rated museums in the Denver Metro Area? We guess, and you can see for yourself here.

*July 4th weekend is the heart of summer blockbuster movie season! Let’s talk about what we’re excited for and revisit some of the best past summer blockbusters courtesy of The Ringer.

*The past is the past, the future is promised to no one, so as much as you can stay in the present, the better off you’ll be. A nice chat unfolds.

*This weekend encompasses July 4th, so we run down what we’re up to and more including concerts and Pop Culture Con.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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