Welcome to the Denver’s finest podcast. The most fun news-ish and fun way to power into the weekend. Seriously, what else are you going to get accomplished on a Friday? We’re here to bring you 10 segments a week featuring good stuff from around the Mile High City. Here’s what you can expect this week:

*Casa Bonita hosted a sneak preview event for the press and our host Jon was invited. Here is his writeup of the event. The guys talk all things Casa Bonita.

*It’s National Donut Day! The guys share their donut opinions, and here’s Fox31’s list of the 100 best donut places in the US.

*Going full send on Fat Kid Mode, here are some insane WTF burgers. Also, we share our own personal faves.

*Local liquor stores are feeling the effects of wine in grocery stores, and we have thoughts. Denver7 has the writeup.

*One of our favorite DIY success stories is Defector.com. CJR had a great #longread about it that you can find here.

*You can make an appointment with TSA at the airport and skip the line! Here’s the 9News story about it.

*Let’s move Disney World to Colorado! At least, that’s what Gov. Polis would have you believe will happen if the Nuggets beat the Heat in the NBA Finals. 9News has the story.

*NASCAR suspended Chase Elliott for deliberately crashing a fellow racer. Our resident NASCAR expert Kevin gives us the full context. Story here.

*We’ve got art shows, sports, movies, concerts and other recommendations of things to do. You can find a remarkably comprehensive list here at Denver.org.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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