Denver International Airport is similar to I-70 in that is constantly under construction and making our lives more difficult. Every time a project is complete and the terminal or lobby looks finished they bulldoze another area of the airport that coincidentally hinders the flow. Well, the positives about that construction is that it brings new business and patrons so I’m here to give you my short list for best places to catch a fade; no matter the terminal or gate.

Terminal A has more sex appeal every time I fly out. It has a strong breakfast game, multiple early morning fast food joints and a few bars as well. You can take the foot bridge and avoid general population security lines so there’s a lot of positives. Anyway, here’s three foot stops while you’re there:

  1. Mercantile- Solid food for airports. I’m not expecting a guy in the back to make me my regular frittata but the menu is definitely approachable but definitely not what you would describe as cheap. In terms of variety Mercantile has a full bar and multiple TV options. It’s a solid spot in the main corridor.
  2. Denver ChopHouse – Booze is the real selling point for me when traveling. I try to dine in locations where I can get a little hooch with my hollandaise sauce. This is why The ChopHouse plays: solid chicken tenders, stiff drink, quality people watching. Check it out.
  3. Vino Volo – I don’t know if they serve food or not, but they do serve to-go wine so you can sit at your gate and laugh at the Group 3 people standing and waiting for their number to be called. This is a pro move as it’s off the main drag of DIA shops.

Terminal B:

  1. Elways: The very same reason I mentioned above for the ChopHouse. Reliable eats, full bar, solid wine list.. pretty people to look at.
  2. Cru Wine Bar: See previous terminal explanation for wine bars over food-only options.
  3. SmashBurger Bar: Has a huge bar that is first come, first serve so you don’t have to wait in a queue. It’s in the long walk between gates 35 and 95, so there is enough traffic to set a solid vibe and people watch. Cheap(er) beverages than the two listed above and if you need food Smashburger isn’t the worst fast casual dining option (PLUS its CO based).


Terminal C:

  1. RootDown: This place has been the among the best in Terminal C for a long time. It usually has a bit of a line but if you can get a spot at the bar just post up and maybe write a blog while you pound a bloody mary. Its the vibe.
  2. Timberline Grill: this place was a lot cooler when you could get a beer and smoke cigarettes while waiting on your delayed flight. You’d smell awful when you go to your gate but the fact you could get a few different buzzes before flying is the name of the game and theme of this blog.
  3. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: When you used to smoke cigarettes in the airport without judgement you’d want a sweet eat to take with you to scratch that itch while traveling. That is why I’m putting Auntie Anne’s Pretzels in the 3 hole for Terminal C.

Realistically, get a particular credit card that allows you the club access. All the booze is free, the food is okay(ish) and you can judge all the plebs paying for their food and fighting over charging outlets. That, or check out JSX Airlines and fly private.

I’m about to take off. Catch you next time Denver!