Another fantastic week on the DeHuff Uncensored podcast! (Text by Scott DeHuff and Edited by Jeff Morton)

Colorado sports broadcasting legend, and my former coworker, Sandy Clough came out of retirement to join Mile High Sports. I shared some stories of his greatness – and of how he is terrible at using a computer. A man filed a lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings because boneless wing are actually made out of chicken breast. I get it. I do. But is it worth a lawsuit?! The answer is, NO!

What would you do if a man slapped a piece of raw meat across your face while quoting Pink Floyd? Oh, and you were eating at a vegan restaurant. That happened in California, and it’s dividing the country. A man allegedly got a tattoo of the PornHub logo on his hand. If it’s legit, good luck getting a date. But, hey, maybe PornHub will give him a free subscription. Even though porn is free!

More missing radioactive items – this time in Houston Texas. How does this keep happening? You’d think things like that would be under close observation. Under the category of, “Im sorry, what?!” – The Pentagon and a professor at Harvard University teamed up to write a report about a possible alien mothership in our solar system.

Ciara took her husband, Russell Wilson to the Oscar’s the other night. She was basically naked. Is it a big deal when celebrities like Ciara and Lizzo perform and make appearances wearing basically nothing? What if I started doing the podcast in the buff? What, no. My studio is too cold.

Cocaine Bear is a success at the movie theaters. Now, Cocaine Shark and Attack of the Meth Gator will soon take to the big screen. I think Hollywood needs to make a “Weed Bear” movie. Make that happen, Seth Rogan! An Ohio man’s pet zebra almost bit his arm off. Also, who has a pet zebra in Ohio?!?!

Women can now swim topless in Berlin. But will that lead to something that we don’t want to see?

Since the 2001 census, the number of people in Britain claiming to be Jedi has fallen by more than half, whereas the number of Sith has doubled. Also, I don’t get why people love Star Wars so much. I wish X-Files was still on. Sharing an article makes you think you know more, even if you didn’t actually read the article. I share a story of how I tried to trick my former coworkers into thinking I was a scientist.

According to a study conducted in 2012, people who complain actually live longer by about two years. This is because by complaining they release their tension which increases their immunity and boosts their health. I think this is a good time to bring up the fact I wasn’t invited to a Mile High Life event in Blackhawk. I probably wouldn’t have gone, but a courtesy invite is all I’m asking. Let me decline with dignity! (Editors Note: Neither was the person editing this article)

I do a piss poor attempt at a Mark Wahlberg impression. It needs work, I get it. Get off my back, ok?! I jinxed myself when it comes to negative comments! And my wife is a jinx when it comes to our kids. Elon Musk is starting his own town, and I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Ryan Renyolds just made a ton of money after Mint Mobile was purchased by T-Mobile. Sensitive people get upset with a possible Weed Bear movie. They compare the idea to the movie TED. I explain why they are wrong.

Where does Colorado and other states rank when it comes to surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

Endless breadsticks do have a cut-off time, despite what we want.

The mail bag is wide open and I should have done a better job at filtering. We got some crazy topics in this one!

An anonymous emailer rocked the pod with some crazy topics: Do you split the check on a first date? Do you wipe front to back or back to front? If you could move your family anywhere before the impending Civil War 2 in 5-10 years, where would you go? Would you trade 2 inches of penis size for a full head of hair?

Well after that craziness, things somewhat calmed down. What would you rather throw away: Love Or Money? Wait, never mind: Aliens or pornstars…who’s better at anal probes? – Sidenote: if you are a adult film star, I’d love to get you on the show. – [email protected]

Who’s better – Chipotle or Qdoba?

• Jonathan Araiza has a pet crocodile that he likens to having a pet dog. He even lets it sleep with him. Who’s going to be surprised when he get his face chewed off? Anybody??
• Mom goes viral on TikTok for revealing she named her baby after her deceased family dog… At least it’s not Sparky…
• Oklahoma woman has her ear nearly ripped off by the neighbor’s pet monkey, and will need plastic surgery. Why would you have a pet monkey?

Remember to laugh at the craziness of life, and let’s keep moving forward.