(Editor’s Note: As much as I’d like to take credit for the text below … what you read is 100% pure Scott DeHuff.)

MIT engineers tested 1,000 Oreo cookies to crack the mystery of the best way to eat one. I can’t believe they spent time and energy on that. – that being said, if someone wants to pay me to find the answer to “how much sushi it too much sushi”, let me know!

Tourist survives bungee jump fall in Thailand after cord snaps. Thankfully he landed in the water. Do you think he’ll have a fear of rubber bands now?

A man got a glass stuck in his back-end for three days. I’m not really sure what to say about this. Maybe don’t stick things up there that don’t belong? – Side note: hopefully it wasn’t a collectable glass. You know, like a Muppets one.

A school principal says she has been forced to resign from a Tallahassee school after parents complained about her ‘pornographic’ art lesson. The kids saw pictures of the iconic statue, “David”, along with some others. Who was in the wrong?

Starbucks’ new CEO, Laxman Narasimhan, will work as a barista every month. But is that a good or bad thing? I know from experience, he’s going to frustrate a lot of employees. Especially if he doesn’t pull his weight.

Broncos survey season-ticket holders about new stadium preferences. But will the new ownership listen to the fans?

The medical answer we didn’t expect – Armpit sweat could be used to treat anxiety and depression. So the secret to a happy life could be having stinky friends. Finally, I have a purpose in life!

A man who claims to be engaged to a rag doll has announced the ‘birth’ of their third child together. Connery DeHuff chimed in on this odd situation.

Panera Bread is rolling out palm scanners that will link customers’ handprints to their loyalty accounts. I explain why this is a bad idea. Although, Panera and Amazon say it’s perfectly safe, and say we shouldn’t worry.
Plus, AI voice changer is used to scam parents out of $5k. Yeah, I combine these two stories for good reasons.

If traveling through the airport wasn’t stressful enough, TSA is having issues reading Colorado IDs, and that could cause you big delays.

What are some of the worst stretches to drive in Colorado? I give you four, thanks to the help of listeners.

There’s a viral video of a Lowes employee massively struggling with a box while on a lift. Is he being a soft employee? Or were his management and coworkers wrong for making him struggle?

Bartenders are sharing stereotypes they assign to popular drink orders. Get ready to be offended and laugh. Thanks to Buzzfeed for this information.

Pepsi is changing its logo. Plus, they’re changing its formula over in the UK and Ireland. The big difference is the amount of sugar being used. But how will people react?

I give you a quick update on the Gwyneth Paltrow trial.

A company named Vox in Australia made a Woolly mammoth meatball. One day someone will actually eat one. The company is making the point that we don’t need to be killing animals, we can just grow their meat and eat that. But will you eat lab grown meat? I explain why this will on some level, backfire.

A lady freaked out on me yesterday after I dropped off the kids at school. Apparently I wasn’t driving fast enough in the school zone.
Anyway, I responded to her in a calm and mature manner. Just kidding – I wasn’t happy and I may have overreacted. Oops.

My wife spoiled a perfectly good lie I told my son. For a short time he held me up on a pedestal, then she took a bat to that pedestal, knocked me to the ground, and rubbed my nose in my false words.

You can buy Robert Downey Jr.’s chewed gum — for $40K! Who the heck would buy that?

A man went to the hospital due to major discomfort in his bottom. He went to the hospital, and the medical staff found some produce where it didn’t belong.
His response to how it got there is extremely bizarre.
Why do I keep finding stories like this?!

Aramark, who supplies Coors Field with its food, announced some big additions for game day. Honestly, they sound delicious!!
A lot of listeners respond to the new menu items, and use the opportunity to rip on the poor performing baseball team.

I also made a plea to the Colorado Rockies to allow me to throw out a first pitch to one of their games. And yes, if I ever throw out a first pitch, I’m going to bring the heat!

The Mail Bag was full with questions:
• Why do bands think it’s acceptable to play tracks and lip sync?
• Is a pop tart, toaster strudel, and ravioli the same thing? Yeah, that was a real question.
• Am I team Altitude or team Xfinity? This answer may hurt some feelings, but it’s the truth.

And after the DNVR vs Denver Sports logo dispute being resolved, I kind of sort of gave an apology for my viral Tweet about the matter.

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