So the real St Patrick’s Day isn’t until next week but that won’t stop people from partying. In fact, this gives the casual drunk two excuses to get out and get after it in the coming week. But seeing as we have the Big Dance (NCAA Tournament) in our backyard next week I’m elated to hear the parade will be this weekend. If you’re not in Spain with me (humble brag) here are a few spots you should try and get a green beer and shot of Tullamore Dew or Jameson.

  1. The Celtic – You wont be the first person there, just accept that. Odds are, you wont be able to find a seat at a table either, but you won’t find a bigger party downtown this weekend. The OTB downstairs will play in proper fashion — old scary men in tracksuits gambling on horses — but upstairs is a whole different party. It’s a vibe! Get there early and make a point to stop in pre-parade to get your body feeling right to throw beads back at those that toss them to you. All joking aside, its hands down the biggest scene in town this weekend and one that is not to be missed.
  2. Nola Jane – Across the street from the biggest Irish bar in Denver sits a gem of a New Orleans-style bar. While nothing will replicate home (shout out to the Sip & Boot Gang), throwing a crawfish boil is as home as it gets. If you’re looking for a bit of southern touch after the parade or during the celebrations please check out Nola Jane.
  3. Get out of Downtown – Shift gears from the downtown activities Olde Town Arvada is a scene. They did Mardi Gras right and we have no doubt St. Patricks Day will be no different. The entire strip along Wadsworth participates — from dive bars to Mexican restaurants — there is a scene and seat for you.

With all that being said I’m going back to drinking in Germany! Everyone please enjoy the Denver scene this weekend and be safe! Slainte!