Happy post-Groundhog Day (to those who celebrate)! We hope Punxatawney Phil is appropriately hunogver for prescribing us six more weeks of winter. Thankfully, the darkest 20% of the year is over! Let’s celebrate with these topics:

*The Frickashinas have a rippin’ new single called “I Like Your Band Better” that you can find wherever you listen to your music, or right here.

*Thinking about the movie Groundhog Day, if you had to, what day would you choose to live over and over again? The guys weigh in with their choices.

*Additionally, the 5 weeks before the Winter Solstice and the 5 weeks after represent the darkest 20% of the calendar. How do you keep your spirits up? Art answers this question in his own unique way, but you already knew that when you looked at the episode title.

*How high is your Xcel Energy bill? Probably pretty high! It’s looking like it’ll come down here shortly, but everyone is rightfully indignant at the crazy cost lately. More from CPR here.

*Tom Brady announced his retirement for good (?) this week, and the guys share their opinions on him. Superfan Kevin is obviously overflowing in his praise and the other two have somewhat surprising takes on his legacy. Story from ESPN.

*NASCAR returns with an insane race on a quarter-mile track – seriously, the distance of a high school footrace track! – and Kevin gives a preview. Story here.

*What’s everyone think of ChatGPT? Axios Denver tested it with Denver knowledge, but the guys are skeptical of our new AI overlords.

*The Wild Beautiful Orchestra gives kids a chance to play with a real adult orchestra. So cool! Fox 31 shares it here.

*The labor shortage is far-reaching and all-encompassing. Causes? Solutions? The Happy Friday crew debates.

*Oblio’s Pizzeria in Park Hill has new ownership, which makes its future a little more certain. Huzzah! h/t to Westword for the story, but we originally saw it in City Cast’s Hey Denver newsletter.

*We run down the coolest stuff to do including more beer, more pizza, concerts, and a huge automotive swap.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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