It’s Friday! Happy Friday! Let’s get to the weekend with a big ol’ spoonful of fun, some stories, some news, a story of Kevin eating a moth, a mispronounced Florida town, and the best damn theme song in the history of podcasting. Here’s what we talk about:

*In this week’s weirdest story, a couple rode a Lime scooter in tandem down I-70 in the pouring rain in the morning. That’s way too many elements to be real, but it is! We talk about it, and Westword has a great article about it here.

*In this week’s funniest story, a drunk dude in Springfield got pulled over for a DUI and tried to change places with the passenger. The only problem? The passenger was his dog. Full story here.

*Speaking of dogs, how do you feel about dogs on restaurant patios? We weigh in, and here’s the AP story that inspired the talk.

*Do you return your shopping cart to the corral in the parking lot? If not, CART NARCS might be on your case.

*We talk all things mushrooms because apparently mushroom season is here! Story here.

*Miller moth invasion! We share a ton of weird stories about moths and this episode gets increasingly strange.

*In this week’s sexiest story, here’s where you can report potholes in your neighborhood!

*Listen to Art try and pronounce the name of the Florida town that’s most house-poor. How’s Denver rank? More here.

*RIP to poker icon Doyle Brunson. Also here us talk about our own poker skills.

*Nuggets, Interrupters at the Fillmore and the new Fast X movie are what’s going on this weekend.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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