When death comes for us all, what songs do you want played in tribute? Kevin, Arthur and Jon grapple with that question AND bring you the news from the week, the best stuff from Denver, and share with you the laughs, joy, and fun that make this life worth living. Need more specifics? Here’s what we talk about:

*The WGA declared a writers’ strike and we’re clearly on their side. Amanda Seyfried had one of the most money quotes about the whole thing. You can read more about it here.

*WIth that said, Vince Vaughn seems in line to develop Dodgeball 2. We talk about the first one, a recent episode of our fellow MHL pal Vic Lombardi featuring Lance Armstrong, and more. Check out the news here.

*Continuing our chat about AI, the man deemed “The Godfather of AI” has resigned from Google and has a lot of thoughts about our future robot overlords. Gift article from the New York Times can be found here.

*We pay tribute to the iconic Gordon Lightfoot and then discuss which songs we’d want played at our memorial service. More about Gordon Lightfoot here.

*The Buckhorn Exchange makes yet another appearance on the show as we celebrate them for being around for 130 years. Read about that here.

*Did you know you can get a speeding ticket that was measured from aircraft? Sounds terrible! We talk about it, and you can read more here.

*Art shares some facts about the Denver Tech Center and we debate working from home vs working in an office vs a hybrid approach. Check out those facts here.

*What personal promises have you made for yourself? What about our hosts? We talk about bettering ourselves in this segment.

*The Nuggets play the Suns, Old 121 Brewhouse has a cool Seis de Mayo event, Cinco de Mayo festivities happen in Civic Center Park, and we give you the rundown of events taking place in Denver this weekend.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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