Beat the traffic this Friday, hop on your crotch rocket, and split lanes with Jon, Kevin and Arthur as we bring you a LOADED show filled with conversations about sex, addiction, civics, and… oh yeah, a whole lotta fun. It’s an absolutely packed episode featuring convesrations about the following topics:

-A New York Times guest columnist encourages everyone to have more sex. Yes! Does this columnist leave out a ton of important stuff in her assertion? Also yes! The guys have a long conversation to open the show about the condition of sex in the 21st century. Article here.

-Do you trust national news media? Why or why not? How is news media curated? Who pays for it? And what are the implications for society as a whole? Another trenchant conversation unfolds thanks to an article from the Denver Post linked here.

-The NBA trade deadline was BANANAS and we give our thoughts on it. The Athletic has a good article about it here.

-The Daytona 500 happens on Sunday and Kevin gives us his predictions and insights. Preview here.

-Motorcycle lane-splitting could be coming to Colorado. Would you ever do this? Would you ever even own a motorcycle in the first place? A robust conversation ensues. Here’s the article.

-Colorado Launches Energy Reduction Program for Marijuana Growers. What does this mean? We unpack it. Article from Westword here.

-The Denver Post wants to know what your favorite spicy chicken sandwich is. Head to their website to submit your favorite and the guys weigh in on theirs.

-A Denver chef named Oscar Padilla recently won Chopped and wants to use the exposure to bring more attention to authentic Latin American food. Full article here.

-Arthur shares an intensely personal story of celebrating two years of being free from opiates and encourages everyone to stick to their goals and overcome their demons. The guys share their own personal journeys.

-We share cool stuff to do including a crawfish boil at Stoney’s, Ari Shaffir live, a bluegrass festival, and a warning not to eat too much queso.

We love you all! Enjoy the show, and happy Friday!

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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