Coming to you from the great city of Denver, we’re proud to bring you content from all around the Mile High City and talk effusively about the state of, uhhh, North Carolina. It’ll make sense in this episode. Or it won’t! Who knows?! You’ll just have to listen. Here’s what to expect from this edition of Denver’s finest podcast:

*The Nuggets dunked the Los Angeles Lakers straight through the toilet and into hell to advance to the NBA Finals. On the day they did that, Carmelo Anthony announced his retirement. Here’s Carmelo’s retirement announcement. And check out our sister site Mile High Sports’s coverage of all things Nuggets here.

*Will Leitch wrote a great piece for New York Magazine about how being a sports fan is likely to get more expensive in the streaming era. Full article here.

*The gestapo organization known as Netflix is about to crack down on password sharing, so brace yourselves. Full article here.

*This week in Kev’s random records, some dude in Lebanon stood on a bed of nails for more than 12 hours and wants to break another insane record. We have thoughts. More detail here.

*United Airlines is adding jobs, gates, and nonstop routes from Denver in an effort to punch Southwest Airlines in the eye. We have thoughts on air travel. Full article here.

*Spring is here! We share our thoughts about this season and the upcoming summer. Also, we spend a weird amount of time riding the jock of North Carolina.

*A local dude entered the Colfax Marathon and won it. Nice! We share our thoughts on endurance sports. Full article here.

*More public art comes to Denver. We talk about all things art and praise the city for spending money on making the city look cool. Check out more detail here.

*R.I.P. Tina Turner. We share our love and memories. Here’s more from Reuters.

*We pay our respects to our nation’s veterans, plug a BBQ fest, talk about an art fest, and celebrate the opening of the greatest place on the planet Water World as we hurl headlong into Memorial Day!

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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