Happy Friday, Denver! How many of these photos have bridges? How many have motorcycles? Do you need to pass a Turing Test to listen to this episode? Maybe! Arthur, Jon and Kevin are here from The Uncanny Valley to bring the very podcast in the history of Denver. Here’s what we’re talking about this week:

*After 65 years, Bandimere Speedway is going to fold in its current location and look for another one. That’s sad! We share our memories and thoughts. Full story here.

*Demaryius Thomas is among the class going into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. We discuss it and Jon shares a story of DT hitting on his wife. Full class can be viewed here.

*Fifteen Colorado businesses win Good Food Awards. How many of these places have you tried?

*Badass Denver venue Number Thirty Eight is looking to expand into Littleton. That place rules and we talk about it. Full story here.

*In our #longread of the week, we talk about “The End of the Music Business.” One author asserts that it lasted from 1903-2003. But how do you support music now? We talk about it. That full read can be found here.

*In this week’s liveliest segment, we talk about semi-fake band aisis, in which some dorky musician wrote a bunch of quasi-Oasis music and then had AI-Liam Gallagher sing it. We have a lot of thoughts about AI, and it all comes tumbling out. The story about *sigh* aisis can be found here.

*Denver is set to add 100 more police officers. Many children want to be cops when they grow up. Did you? The guys talk about who they wanted to be. Full story about cops here.

*We talk about the deadliest tornado in Colorado history – it happened in 1924 – Jon jokes about it, and Art more or less shrieks “too soon!” You can read the story about it here.

*April comes to a close. What are we excited about for May? Is it that Justin Timberlake comes out of his winter slumber? Listen and find out!

*We talk about the weekend ahead and mention music, playoffs, the NFL Draft, mourn Jerry Springer and more. It’s a real ride!

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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