Get a hold of your life, fair listeners! The Happy Friday crew of Gentleman Dirtbags has all the good stuff from the week that was, the week ahead, and why you need to not think of yourself as some helpless smol bean baby (or whatever). Here’s what’s good on this Happy Friday:

*For those of you watching on YouTube, you’ll notice us in a new studio. Will we shoot OnlyFans content in there? Probably not! But it sure looks like it! For those of you listening via audio, please skip to the next segment.

*Do you know what the oldest town in Colorado is? We do! And it’s thanks to this segment from Fox 31.

*Imagine hanging out in your hot tub and then a cougar – the actual predatory cat type, not the hot middle-aged woman – takes a swipe at your head. That story is here.

*Can you guess what the Mile High City’s most popular dog breeds are? Denver 7 has the answers.

*Some dork in Illinois is trying to sue Buffalo Wild Wings over his boneless buffalo wings not being actual wings. That story is here. Also! We rank the 3 types of wings: Drums, flats and boneless (although not in that order).

*Dad jokes help kids turn develop into healthy adults. Die of embarrassment with us during this segment. Story can be found here.

*Our read of the week comes from something called Dazed Digital, and it’s about why people choosing to infantilize themselves is such a bad idea. Here’s that article. And we talk at length about how being a grown up means handling your business while still having fun. They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And make sure to count your blessings!

*Going topless at public pools in Berlin is now legal for everyone! Hooray! Book your flights today.

*We run down what’s happening this weekend including the Golden Hayride.

Our theme song comes from The Frickashinas

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