Happy Friday Denver! Jon, Kevin and Art will pay you $1,000 to alter your bedtime routine. With cheese! Well, not us, but someone else. Who? Tune in to find out! Click here to listen and subscribe.

-Art shares what the weirdest things about Coloradans are voted on by… Coloradans? Hat tip to Fox 31

-The insanity of the ultimate fate of Park Hill Golf Course reaches its next stage. Story from the Denver Business Journal

-City Park breaks ground on a new place experience and Jon tells a story of questionable tourists mistaking City Park for the Denver Zoo. Hat tip once again to Fox 31

-Denver’s boutique warehouse sale is back and helping a great cause

-Former Denver Bronco and all-the-time badass Derek Wolfe fought a mountain lion with a bow and arrow and WON. Check out his Instagram for the full story.

-The agility of Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot is insane. Let’s all marvel at the harbinger of our doom when we’re subservient to our robot overlords. Do so here!

-Empower Field undergoes some pretty boss upgrades. Hopefully the Broncos hire a coach of a similar upgrade level. h/t 9News

-If you’ve dreamed of getting paid to eat cheese before bed, buddy, have we got a deal for you! Check it out here.

-Iconic Morrison restaurant The Fort turns 60 and has some awesome events to commemorate the event on tap next month. Our boy Ed Sealover from the Denver Business Journal has the story.

-Jon goes to the WWE Royal Rumble in San Antonio this weekend!

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