The snow continues to fall and will continue to do so for most of the day. This weather calls for a large glass of wine and a good book (twitter thread about UFOs) as we gaze through a large window. While I understand this isn’t France, but the fact that our wine bars don’t open up until 3 or 4PM, leaving me to drink my own collection until after the storm is gone is frustrating. I definitely wish there was a casual lunch spot we could tee off on. If you’re looking for a great wine bar in the Denver metro area later this afternoon, I’d be remiss to not give them a shout out in today’s High Five.

Noble Riot: Located in the heart of the River North/Five Points neighborhood, sharing a wall with Nocturne Jazz Bar and tucked in the alley behind Denver Central Market sits this gem of a wine bar. It feels like a grunge bar, but the spray paint window-aesthetic and tower of wines makes for a great vibe to post up and watch the snow fall as the foot traffic scurry to their pilates classes. They open at 4 but their snacks and wine will keep you there all day long once they unlock the doors.

Vin Rouge Wine Bar: Strip mall finds are some of my favorites no matter what I’m looking for and while the strip of shops Vin Rouge sits among is a little more classy than naught. This wine bar is a gem on the north side of the city. Right off Yates & 44th two doors down from Sushi Co, owner Jen & her team have set a great scene with large plants thriving and comfy chairs full of patrons. A wall of windows invites the natural light (snow views) to showcase the small chic wine bar while you sit back and gaze into the aural abyss that is the Highlands neighborhood. Great old world wine selection. The service is superb and you can enjoy a good wine session with charcuterie and a Cheers-like community.

ESP HiFi: The vibe in this bar is of a different scene all together. Technically it’s a “listening bar” with proper acoustics that have been studied and plotted out well before its creation. Located along Santa Fe sits this music-loving, wood lined wine bar that is a vibe. With DJ’s and other pop up events regularly occurring onsite, there’s always something cool going on along the Sante Fe Art District and these cats are a great place to find refuge from the cold. This is more of a listening bar that has an eccentric natural wine list. Hip crowds definitely flock to the neighborhood. Worth checking out if you don’t want the downtown scene.

Yacht Club – Trashy Yet Classy, just as Queen Dolly would want it. Yacht Club isn’t just a wine bar, they have killer craft cocktails, cheap beers and great hot dogs as well. The team behind the operation are as wonderfully eccentric as the beverages they drum up. Located in the Whittier-Cole neighborhood this has a dive bar feel but loaded to the gills with boozy drinks, fun snacks and nightly entertainment. While not loaded with windows for viewing its a great spot to tuck away and get out of the cold and away from the packed streets. They look for crazy and gnarly wines that pair with their personalities so if this is something that tickles your fancy, check em out.

I think you might notice that I like natural wine bars. There’s something for everyone in the city, as long as you wait until the afternoon. For the fifth spot we’re shifting to a family setting. Trellis Wine Bar in Park Hill is tucked away in a newer build out with big windows and studio style seating. This bar is full of old and new world wines, with a play ground/park just outside the doors. It is too cold to let the kids swing or play on slides, but you can drift away watching the snow fall & enjoy your glass of wine. Incredible vibes and a host of natural light make this a fun place to watch the snow fall.

That is enough from me!. Be careful no matter what you do today, roads are slick.. Fun additional fact: Middle Slate Coffee serves natural wine in addition to their great coffee.