Have you ever wanted to hear podcasts for Coloradans by Coloradans? We here at Mile High Life understand that sometimes you would just like to listen to people you relate to and are from our great state. We would like to introduce you to our podcast network and the great hosts that make up our amazing, dynamic shows.

Did that Age Well?
Molly Smith has a funny and relatable podcasts about movies you might have seen as a kid or teenager. For example, do you remember the movie Empire Records? Molly and her guest Jon Ekstrom talk about the mid-1990’s film about record shops and culture from the decade that was always “over it”. Did that movie and it’s time capsule of the 90’s translate to 2022? Are there things that were said back then that wouldn’t be said now?

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Left Hand Right Brain Podcast
Have you ever wanted to see into the mind of stand up comedians? Local Denver stand up comedian J.D.  Lopez hosts this wild and wacky show that showcases what is new and what is funny in Denver. A podcast that will both make you think and make you laugh at the same time.

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Mile High Cinema with Trey Mitchell
Do you enjoy listening to movie drafts and great in-depth discussions about the latest movie releases? Long time Broomfield resident and film school graduate Trey Mitchell talks about the latest Hollywood has to offer. Fun episodes include a movie draft where Trey and his guest draft movies based on a single topic, and great guests that discuss the up to date news out of Tinseltown!

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Happy Friday
The brainchild of Jon of all Trades host Jon Ekstrom and Discussion Combustion hosts Arthur and Kevin; this high energy show posts every Friday and takes an interesting and hilarious view on the news and events of the past week in Colorado. If you enjoy your news and discussion on the exciting and hilarious side be sure and check out the guys on both YouTube and in Podcast form.

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Lets Get Drunk and Talk about Your Wedding
Denverites Jen and Mal with producer J.D. talk to their friends, acquaintances, relatives and more about their experiences navigating through relationships and — yes — your wedding. A hilarious and sometimes poignant podcast about life’s greatest mystery … your relationships with others that tie you together. Also expect plenty of fun and imbibing of alcohol. One of the best podcasts in Denver.

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The GenX Show
Jeff Morton is a Gen Xer and he want’s all of you to know about it. A podcast covering all aspects of culture from the slacker generation. Featuring guests and subjects on music/movies and more that are sure to appeal to your inner flannel-wearing teenage self. Subjects of particular interest to Jeff are movies (horror specifically), music and Denver culture from this era. Plus a healthy does of LGBTQ+ talk from someone who’s firmly middle age. Hope you enjoy the show!

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