So over the weekend, the Mile High Sports and Mile High Life teams took on Blackhawk for a weekend of action during March Madness. The Horseshoe Casino and Caesar’s Sportsbook were kind enough to host us for a few days of basketball, hot tables and delicious eats. I was pleased to find that avoiding I-70 made it an easy trek up Highway 6 to get to Blackhawk in under an hour. It led me to wonder; what else can we get into on a day trip where I’m not required to hike or ski and fight mass-traffic.

With today being the first day of spring I wanted to create a wish list for this warm weather season of cool trips we can hit around Colorado:


  • Northbound on I-70: Longmont, Fort Collins, Greeley and Lyons. There are a litany of growing towns along the northern front range with great eats, breweries, concerts venues and more. We need to clip more road trips for suds with buds and pies on Main Streets around Colorado. I power rank Longmont as my favorite northern town that you can clip within an hour and if you don’t have serious plans but I need to experience more of them this year. Maybe hit up Mishawaka outside FoCo for a concert after a day of dining. Unreal experience to catch any event. Everyone knows Boulder but I need to know more about the gnarly scenes further away from Denver.

  • Ideas from the Peanut Gallery: Scott DeHuff has mentioned this multiple times and I think he’s on to something – Ghost Towns. We need to go do those outdoor things; you know, throw on our assless chaps and ostrich boots take western photos outside abandoned buildings. I’m adding Ghost Town visits to my checklist for the spring/summer because it’s would be something I never would have thought of doing. Seems to be something folks wanna check out.

  • 70 Corridor: Glenwood Canyon has the Giant Canyon Swing (I mean look at this thing) and if you really don’t have anything to do you can take the train up to Glenwood and then hitchhike (Uber) to the location, or if you want to fight 70 on the weekends you can drive too.

  • Southbound: Telluride Hot Air Balloon Festival. If you google this (or click HERE) you’ll see this place looks like an absolute party. It’s very high on my bucket list of Colorado festivals to attend and Telluride is a great scene for a festival or long weekend. I should have led with this idea because I’m going to make it happen in 2023!

  • Head East For Once: I’m trying to get back into golf and normally I would never advise someone drive to Nebraska for a weekend getaway. However, after hearing rumors about all inclusive golf oasis along the western side of Nebraska I’ve now started to plot. Yes, weed is illegal. Yes, their football program is a joke. But maybe this resort changes our tunes about our ugly, flat state to our east?! I don’t know, but I’m willing to do the research for Mile High Life to figure it out.



I’m starting to dream a little too lavishly but if there are some other things that need to be on this wish list, tag us on social @MileHighLife on Instagram!