What is up party people, I’m back from vacation and a few botched social media posts to bring you this gem of a blog on the verge of March Madness.

I was trying to think of how I could help show some love to local bars and eateries for March Madness when I realized it’s better to work as a team than just be some stat-padder MVP trying to log all the blogs and drink all the Palomas. In that spirit; I asked my coworkers what they thought and I really wish I hadn’t. When I asked them all “if you could be tits up at a bar for 4 days (it’s a Euro saying, y’all wouldn’t understand) and watch the action where would you pick?” I didn’t set perimeters like they had to serve food, or if said bar would have room for friends to come and join you as the day goes on.

Shawn Drotar, Sports Radio host and co-host of the Men About Town podcast said you could find him “At Sports Column on Blake St or the Celtic Tavern, I think. Old-school.”  I initially loved this idea.. then I remember it’s actual-St Patrick’s Day on Friday.. and Shawn may be Irish so he’s looking for that deep buzz and big crowds. Touche, Shawn. Touche. You are getting in the thick of it for the weekend and a buzzing scene for the Saint Patricks Day holiday. A stone’s throw from the arena for the diehards who traveled to sunny Colorado for the action. I respect this play, as we all should, the dude hosts a podcast called “MEN ABOUT TOWN”. He wouldn’t steer us wrong when we’re looking to get about town. I’ll see ya for a green beer Friday, Shawn.

Next up, I asked my boss (if that is the wrong term who cares) Aniello Piro host of the Afternoon Drive for Mile High Sports and a young buck who loves the late night action (gambling — not Ja Morant type action) and he gave me the most expected answer of all time: Blake St Tavern. It’s a fair response; they sponsor the station on a regular basis but he’s not wrong either. They have wall to wall TVs, 6-7 rooms of open seating and full bars. Service is actually really solid despite the bar being the size of Ball Arena, itself. It’s sure to be a big time all weekend and they play the hits by opening early this week for Thursday and Friday early tips. They stay open late for those looking for one of the late night games. If you’re downtown looking for action- check out Blake Street Tavern too!

Next Up, I asked the Iceman to my Maverick, the Goose to my Gander, the Thelma to my Louise and the Host of the The GenX Show Podcast — Jeff Morton — where he would belly up for the weekend to watch his bet slips burn. His reply was short and sweet (just like him) “If you want the honest truth.. probably Tight End”. Love this call only been there once but the service was solid and drinks were sturdy and they have a pizza counter you can snack on to keep you from falling off your bar stool as the day goes on. Not to mention I’ve never been complimented more by a staff than my lone visit to Tight End. May have to make a trip back with my Wing man this weekend. Love the Colfax action.

I know most folks just wanna sit at the bar, fire in their bets on their phone and make innuendos with the fellas as the games and drinks flow. However, what if the coolest person in your group is the lady in your life? You always need a lady’s input and touch so I asked Bri Masteras, host of the Lets Talk Broncos Podcast for Mile High Sports (my apologies on last name spelling as I have you saved as Bri MHS in my phone). She gave a well thought out answer: “I hang out with the DNVR crew mostly. And I like going there because that where my friends are hanging out and it’s got great vibes but I’m the wrong person to ask I think. Because I don’t really drink anymore and I prefer less crowded and noisy establishments. So all in all I am a bad target market because I enjoy being around my buddies — so wherever they’re going (I’ll go).”

So despite her dodging the question and playing coy, she said that if you need her this weekend you can catch her on the corner of Colfax and York chumming it up with the awesome crew from DNVR SPRTS (if you add vowels, you get a totally different sports company with a much more cynical approach to life). It’s actually a really kick ass bar, whether or not you drink, know the crew.. it’s all good- its a sports bar with solid food that is themed after athletes from the local teams. If you’re a Denver diehard, you should check em out if ya haven’t already.

Lastly, I asked the resident senior on staff, Scott DeHuff. Yes that same Scott DeHuff who once exposed himself to a school of fish in his home-aquarium (kidding) where he’s gonna post up between recording his seventh and eighth podcast of the week. “Blah blah blah The Glenn Bar & Grill in Northglenn. Great food. Forgot I’ve been There”. Thanks, Scott. Not sure we would have made it without that insight.

Alright, so after getting these answers from my highly (used loosely for Scott) respected peers and friend I figured it’d be best if I just gave you all a strip of spots to hang out for the for day holiday this weekend.

  1. North Denver: Tap & Burger on W 32nd Ave. Solid pub grub. Nothing to call home about but they have tons of action and the camaraderie you get from a packed bar of like minded degenerates is really what we’re going for. They were a vibrant scene! I wouldn’t expect anything to change this time around.
  2. North Denver 2: Fire on the Mountain. The wings are small. But the beer tap is excellent the sides are all fried and the sauce game rivals that of Cincinnati sports icons (get the spicy peanut, no matter what you order. You’re welcome). Swing through for a few wings and tots, catch the game and keep working your way along the Highlands neighborhood.
  3. Billy’s Inn: It’s my favorite sorta dive. The food wont knock your socks off but the tall pours of tequila will. They have TV’s above the bar and around the dining area. Solid snacking and boozing while you catch a game. Not meant to be the spot for 9 hours of uninterrupted gambling action but not a bad place for one wave.
  4. Baker District: There are a litany of bars along the strip from 10th Ave to the interstate. Don’t like the scene at one bar? Go next door. Hate the obnoxious Bama fans piling in your reserved table? Skip on over to Benny’s. They have a slew of bars to choose from and if you’re more the “active drinking” type you can always dip into the Punch Bowl for some bowling and ping pong between the TNT/TBS action. I personally vote Historian’s for their great chicken fingers and big TVs. You can’t go wrong starting with cheese sticks at Sobo151 and Avs recaps before tip. Great area of town to catch a fade.
  5. Wash Park: There’s literally a bar called “The Sportsbook”. It’s hard to find entrance is in an alley, bar is located in the garden level below a salon. What this place lacks in ease of access makes up for with solid food and a  litany of TVs. If you are on kid duty this week (DeHuff, looking at you), this is a great spot to hit up while the kids are in school and the wife may be getting her hair done. Check them out for a burger, pie or beer. They’ve got you covered.
  6. Wash Park 2: It’s not just a dad’s part of town. Campus Lounge is constantly a vibe that has a wide range in clientele. Great staff and fun patrons. Solid Drink specials. The Lounge has the most fair-priced bar-food in the neighborhood. If you’re getting in swimsuit shape they have a salad bar with cheese, bacon and ranch to top off that “light lunch” you were eying upon arrival. I love sitting at the bar and drinking the strawberry whatever-cocktail (you’ll know which, when you see it on the menu, its a banger) and the vibe is delicious too. Check em out if you’re in the neighborhood.
  7. Pub on Pearl: Two words. PICKLE SHOTS. They also have tons of tv’s but their pickled shooters are better than Mississippi State (even though that is not saying much).
  8. Choppers: We filmed here for the World Cup the egg rolls are solid. They have multiple rooms with a ton of TV’s including a 25 footer that hangs on the wall. Pending what game you need audio for they have a room for you! Big menu. In Cherry Creek sits this gem of divey proportions. Check them out if you are in the area.
  9. Lakewood/Wheat Ridge: I know Shawn put us on one Irish pub for the action but for those who are scared of Downtown Denver or metropolises in general there’s another Irish vibe that can scratch that itch. Check out Clancy’s Irish Pub. It’s solid for what it is — no frills all the flavors. If you live on the west side of the metro area, you know this place.
  10. Aurora: I’m going to recommend Piper’s Inn (solid chicken wings). It’s a biker bar that has a combo menu of Asian and bar food. Solid place to post up as it’s at the corridor of the east (Parker Rd). Check em out if you’re on that side of town.
  11. For our Littleton friends there are a bunch of chain bars and solid wing spots plus all around normal eateries you can catch the game. If you are aiming to support local and bankrupt the bookies go to The Castle and drink like a King (or Queen) with gout. Located along Broadway, it’s nothing crazy, just good down to earth people with casual eats and tall pours. Go see them! You wont stick out if you wear your High School basketball jersey and yell at the TV I promise.

Catch ya next time!