What was once Open is just about to close.

Open Sandwiches, a gourmet sandwich shop that evolved out of the American Bonded bar on Larimer into its current location at the Goosetown Tavern at 3242 E. Colfax, will close on December 15, according to owner Jake Riederer. “I’ve been in restaurants for 25 years, and I’m tired of working the late night hours,” Riederer told The Denver Post. “It’s time for me to move on and check something else out.”

For most of its tenure, Open served only six sandwiches, all designed by local chefs, with $1 from each sandwich sold donated to the Project Angel Heart charity.

“Because each sandwich came from a different chef, none of them shared a single ingredient,” Riederer explained. “Each sandwich was really different from all the rest. I’ll miss seeing guests’ reactions after their first couple of bites, because it really blew some minds as to what you can do with a sandwich.”

In Open’s last week, only three sandwiches will be on the menu, according to the Post: The Lee, a slow-roasted beef sandwich with Sichuan dipping sauce, created by Tommy Lee of Uncle and Hop Alley; The Osaka, a chicken karaage sandwich, created by Jeff Osaka of Sushi Rama; and The Watts, a smoked pork belly sandwich, created by Amos Watts of The Fifth String.

Riederer is also working with his wife at Spinelli’s Market in Park Hill, where the two are working on their next business venture. As for Open itself, it may only be gone temporarily. When asked about re-opening as a pop-up location in the future, Riederer said he’s “totally open to the idea of it.”