Looking for something to listen to on your drive’s to and from work this week? Mile High Life has you covered with some great podcast episodes on your network.

As always check out DeHuff Uncensored. Scott DeHuff’s askew sensibilities on life, universe and everything.

Lets Get Drunk and Talk about Your Wedding. This week the girls welcomed Jeff Morton (me) to talk about the 2018 Italian romantic comedy My Big Gay Italian Wedding. This wasn’t the best movie the trio had watched but it led to a very spirited conversation about masculinity, homophobia and lack of character development … all while having a few drinks. Give it a listen!

Up next we have the queen herself, Molly Smith. On Did that Age Well? she welcomes the podcast and comedy king JD Lopez to talk about the movie Rush Hour. Did the Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan buddy action/comedy hold up after all these years? As always a fun and funny episode.

Men About Town podcast made their way to Edgewater Beer Garden. Join Shawn Drotar (@sdrotar) and hospitality expert nonpareil Erik Trujillo (@lilet88) as they visit the vibrant, revitalized neighborhood of Edgewater  (edgewaterbeergarden.com), built within the structure of a historic, volunteer fire department station from the 1940’s. While sampling some of Colorado’s finest craft beers, they talk with general manager Trevor Clark, who explains what makes the family-friendly location one of the centerpieces of the town’s renewal.

 Left Hand Right Brain Podcast returns with a great episode! This week JD Lopez chats and eats donuts with guests Mallory Vining, Paul Karolyi, and Megan Arellano. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: the Winchell’s Donut Bracket, finger guns, and smells. Please remember to like, subscribe, rate, review, and tell a friend!

Happy Friday Podcast gives you another great episode full of zany chat. This week the boys talk about Summer, Firefighters rescuing dogs and wine finally being sold in Colorado Grocery Stores. Check them out!

We will have more podcasts uploading this week! Enjoy these great podcasts while you fight the infuriating traffic on I-25!