I don’t know why anyone in Denver cares about the ‘sportsball’ match up this weekend.. not when the greatest athletes (and Gold medal winning Olympians) of our generation are descending upon Denver for a week of action. That’s right, the Curling National Championships are going down all this week, right under our noses at the Denver Coliseum.

So while Stephen A Smith and our jerk coworkers who didn’t invite me to PHX all party this weekend in the warm weather, be sure to focus your attention and sports gambling on the only noteworthy event worth checking out this week. The 2022 Olympic teams — Team Shuster and Team Peterson — headline a field of men’s and women’s curlers seeking to raise the national championship trophy. NFL All-Pro Jared Allen will also compete as part of Team Smith, hoping to make a name for himself in the sport of curling after a long career in professional football (Curling > Football).

Scott DeHuff (@DehuffUncensored Host) and I will be down at the Coliseum all day tomorrow, covering the matchups, getting the hard hitting interviews from Radio Row (they definitely have a radio row, right?) and drinking enough beer we use our whole per diem.


There are still tickets available to come join us, there are 3 sessions… early, midday & evening. Since most folks cant/wont take off work for the biggest showdown in the city… we’re telling everyone to buy the nightcap tickets and come join us to watch the pro’s throw stones while we slug the sauce. you can buy tickets HERE

Ok, I’m tired of blogging. See y’all on the ice tomorrow.