On the very latest episode of The GenX Show, Jeff talks with Mile High Cinema’s Trey Mitchell about one of Jeff’s favorite (indeed sentimental favorite) John Carpenter’s Starman (1984). Starring Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen and Charles Martin Smith. Click here to listen and subscribe.

This is part of a new series called Gen X guy makes Gen Z guy watch Old Movie … or something along those lines. The series title is still being work shopped. Along the way Jeff talks about the movie’s extensive pre-production history, including it’s link to Columbia Pictures and the film ET and a single fateful decision that altered the course of the film. Also Trey talks to Jeff about physical media for films and the advantages of viewing a film in it’s correct aspect ratio. Would John Carpenter direct this film if The Thing hadn’t flopped in 1982? These questions and more are talked about on the latest GenX Show.