According to Vic, Reggie Rivers is “the smartest man [he’s] ever known.” That’s a bold statement, but after listening to this episode, it’s hard to disagree with. In addition to being a beloved former Denver Bronco, Reggie Rivers is an author of five books, an accomplished media personality and public speaker, and President of The Gala Team, a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who specialize in nonprofit fundraising events.


On this episode, Vic and Reggie talk about Reggie’s journey from military brat to unlikely college football star, to even unlikelier NFL player, to his eventual cut from the Denver Broncos. Reggie even shares which football position lends itself to the dumbest players. It’s post-football that the conversation finds another gear as Reggie shares insights about everything from sports gambling to wars between ant colonies, to the richness of our democracy (and what threatens it), to the George Floyd protests of 2020. There’s lots of laughs between old friends, new insights, and a thoroughly fun and rewarding listening experience.

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