You didn’t come here for the description. Odds are you know Lance Armstrong. As Vic says in this episode, Lance Armstrong is almost certainly one of the three greatest and most decorated athletes of his generation (along with Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps). Lance and Vic add the names Michael Phelps and Serena Williams to that list later in the episode, but the point stands. Lance Armstrong is a globally-recognized icon due to his accomplishments, his controversies, and his complex legacy.

On this remarkable episode of Vic Lombardi’s Denver, Vic and Lance discuss their 30 year history together (which began in Austin, TX), they share proper etiquette for both motorists and cyclists, expound upon their shared love of golf, and Lance gets candid about his career. He talks his cameo in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, he philosophizes on his reinvention, and we get a sneak peek of two men with a shared history having a fascinating conversation.

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