Michael Hancock is one of only three people to serve three terms as Mayor of the City and County of Denver. As he nears the end of his third term, he joins Vic and reflects on his ascent to Mayor, the multitude of issues he’s tackled, and the evolution of Denver. Click here to listen and subscribe.
Mayor Hancock and Vic have both spent the bulk of their lives in Denver, and in this intimate chat between two Denver lifers, Mayor Hancock shares the things he’s most proud of during his tenure, how he’s dealt with criticism, and discusses what has contributed to Denver’s homeless issue. He also answers this question: If he were able to run for a fourth term, would he?
If you’re a long time Denver resident you’ll enjoy hearing stories about the likes of former Mayor Federico Pena, former sportscaster Ron Zappolo, some of Denver’s most marquee high school athletes and a lot more. And if that doesn’t convince, you’ve got to hear the stories of when a high school aged Michael Hancock spent one season as the Broncos mascot. No, not Miles. Huddles!

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