The next chapter of the Mile High Life Food and Footy tour is LIVE on our Youtube!

Looking for a place off the beaten path to catch the action & eat well? We asked our buddy @a_fat_guy_in_denver where we could find him if he were to care about soccer… and that led us to Tacos Los Vaqueros on Federal n Dakota.. He said that the food is a banger, the scene is vibrant & the bar is stocked.
You can also find wall-to-wall TVs & occasionally a mariachi band setting the vibe playing around the place. Dank molcajates, tacos & tortas are just a few reasons to check this place out.. but if you’re also looking to catch all of Mexico’s World Cup games, this is a spot you should hit up!


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They have a few locations along the metro/front range but the one off Fed has their liquor license and the most seating.. making it the most inviting for those hunting the action or just a bigger table.

If you want to visit Tacos Los Vequeros, their address is 410 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219 and they’re open every day from. 8 AM (the early games) until 2AM (Argentina games). Check it!