So as you know, I’ve been on the hunt to catch a fade and watch some sports. While that is not that difficult to find in Colorado, finding the proper setting for the World Cup, means you gotta check out the spots that know the sport best. Our next stop for Denver’s World Cup Bar Guide is here & we’re sticking ’round downtown for to hit up The Celtic On Market. It’s not just a footy pub with a cool owner n khaki colored food, they’re a double decker OTB and FanDuel Sportsbook as well! There Is something for everyone, as long as everyone Is looking to gamble and drink.

Sheps pie, Two Pour Guinness & betting advice. What’s not to love? Whether you’re going downstairs to put a bet in or you’re just looking for live coverage all things footy… The Celtic has ya covered upstairs and down. The upstairs is wall to wall with TV’s and a long bar. Downstairs is a lil more reserved, with private viewing areas for horses racing around the world, but also has soccer and their own bar and book keep down there. There’s just enough track suits for it to feel authentic and not enough that you should be intimidated asking about Exacta Box or betting outside the box odds.


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Go see the fam over on 14th n Market & don’t be shy to order a shot of Tullamore 🥃 and ask Noel who he is betting on in the next race. Check their hours & website here