Find you a man who will woo you, dote on you, and court you. Better yet, find three! Arthur, Jon and Kevin are here to bring you the week’s best stories, shower you with vibe, and send you into the weekend on a happy note. It’s Happy Friday, Denver! Here are the stories we cover in this week’s episode:

*Last weekend was President’s Day and there was a ton going on. Kevin and Art share their thoughts on the Daytona 500 while Jon discusses Music Video Theatre: All-Star Remix Edition. As promised in the episode, here’s Jon’s blog about the best music video ever, Kenzo World. And here’s the video itself.

*Who’s your favorite obscure president? John Quincy Adams? Martin Van Buren? Chester A. Arthur? Yep, they’re all discussed and many more in this segment celebrating the lesser known presidents.

*The Denver Zoo welcomed a new baby sloth to its fold, and you have a chance to vote on the name! The names mostly suck, so the guys offer their own ideas. h/t Westword

*Kevin can’t go a single week without talking about some weird record getting broken, so here’s a story about the world’s oldest dog. The dog is 30. 30! Goodness, that’s old for a dog. Story is here.

*A crazy story about a woman who was drugged and feared that she was prepped to be human trafficked at DIA leads to a discussion about always being vigilant about self-protection, but sad that we have to be. h/t Denver 7 for the story.

*The new Carvana vending machine is here and fully stocked! Would you buy a car from a vending machine? h/t Axios.

*Dos Luces Brewing had some idiot chump drive like an idiot chump and totally wreck their taproom and force them to close indefinitely. Nicely done, motorist! Story from 9News.

*COCAINE BEAR! Yeah, buddy! Let’s all go see the movie where a bear high on a ton of cocaine just starts raging. If you haven’t seen this trailer, what’s the matter with you? Here.

*Cool stuff to do including Barks, Bourbon & Brews at Belmar, The Denver Travel & Adventure Show at The Convention Center, and the grand opening of the new taproom in Lowry for Denver Beer Co.

We love you all! Enjoy the show, and happy Friday!

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