A good word to describe this week’s episodes: Nutty. Which reminds me – I love Nutty Buddies. Nutty Buddies and whiskey bring me joy. I wonder if they’d taste good together.

Boy, this introduction took a weird turn.

Anyway, buckle-up and get ready to laugh!


I’m all beat up from a busy weekend. I pretended to be a lumberjack, and I built a trampoline. Now my body feels like I got ran over by a GEO Metro. What? Everyone says truck. I’d be more likely to survive and do a show after if it was a small car. Live in reality, people!

The Facebook APP update that had a bug, caused chaos for some. The bug sent automatic friend requests to any profiles people had viewed. So us Facebook stalkers may have been exposed. Awkward!

Legendary Laker, Magic Johnson tweeted out: “I have to apologize to the Denver Nuggets, they proved that they are a better and more talented team in their victory over the Lakers tonight. They put both teams in the Eastern Conference on notice that they are committed to winning a championship!”

Charles Barkley is all in on the Denver Nuggets to win the NBA championship, and he’s been for a long time.

A burger for $700? Yep! A wagyu meat (8oz) burger with caviar, fresh black truffle, lobster flambeed with cognac, topped with aged Irish cheddar and drizzled with honey. Oh, and covered with gold. It’s all yours at Drury Beer Garden in Philly. This is a great reminder to not overcomplicate a burger.

Oscar Mayer changed the name of the Wienermobile to Frankmobile. I explain why they changed the iconic name. Plus, listeners take a crack at renaming the legendary vehicle.

And we have leftover talk on the foods that make your skin crawl, including raw oysters! It’s basically chilled sea boogers.


Ice cream truck season is here once again, and I explain why I think they’re creepy.

Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets are headed to the NBA Finals for the first time after they beat LeBron James and L.A. Lakers.

Via 9News (KUSA), I give you some fun facts about Nikola Jokić.

A woman in the UK dropped out of medical school, and is now selling her spit for a large amount of money. I know she’s making some good cash, but I have to bring this story back to reality.

A man in Australia got nine heavy duty industrial stainless-steel rings stuck around the base of his junk for 12 hours! The removal of the rings left me squirming – but mostly laughing.

Bryan Johnson, who is rich, is taking the blood from his teenage son, to try and bio-hack his way into staying young.

A doctor lost his job when a patient became restless, the doctor reportedly asked a nearby cleaner to hold the man’s leg and pass surgical instruments — despite having no medical experience.

And a man was caught smuggling 8 ½ inch scissors into prison via his back-end. Just add that to the list of why I couldn’t hack it in prison.


What is wrong with people?! A man in Kentucky shot his roommate in the butt after the roommate ate the last Hot Pocket. Instead of using a gun, he should have just given the dude a purple nurple.

Over in the UK there’s a competition to see who can charm the most worms out of the ground in 30 minutes. It’s called Britain’s World Worm Charming Championship… and if you need me, I’ll be in my backyard trying to charm a worm.

Dana White and Adam Sandler are teaming up for a comedy series based on the UFC.

If you’re flying on a plane, is it wrong to change your baby’s diaper on the seat/food tray? Because that happened, and the internet is split on this.

Space travel for the average Joe is getting to be more common. A SpaceX rocket took a former NASA astronaut and 3 customers to the ISS for a week-long trip.

Need more reasons to hate Tom Brady? Easy, he reached an agreement to be a partial owner of the Raiders. Now, I really hate him.


I asked listeners to give me random thoughts and questions. Well, they delivered!

So we have weight loss tips that could get you kicked out of the doctor’s office.

Lawsuits because things are too hot, and why companies end up settling.

The dangers of dry ice.

Why are there so many milk varieties at the grocery store?

The idea that we’re living in a simulation is easy to believe, so we’re going to keep an eye on this possibility. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m not Neo. Maybe Agent Smith.

Dogs that are jerks, and why they may be stealing your shoes.

Is Denver Broncos’ QB Russell Wilson washed up? We revisit my interview with Alfred Williams to answer this question.

The science of water and if it’s actually wet.

And I give you all a special treat with “Soundbytes of Chaos”!

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