I don’t know much.. but I know how to have a good time. With the winter weather rolling through midweek, locking the city down for a few days.. everyone is gonna have the itch this weekend to get out and stretch their legs. Obviously, if you want to fight the Traffic Gods and brave the roads, you can go ski anywhere in the state, as we just took a huge load to the face of every mountain in sight… but if you’re looking to maybe get a lil froggy in the metro, or zig when everyone else zags, here are my some events that should be on your radar:


  1. Cervantes 20th Anniversary Rager- Two Nights, Epic Musicians & Bands Playing on both sides of the longtime Five Points-venue. Boulder’s own The Motet will headline Fri & Sat in the main ballroom… but what gets my pants in tent-formation is the Covid-throwback virtual dance party that will be going down on the “Otherside” where Rockstar Andy Frasco & Cervantes owner, Scotty Morrell will DJ an 80s/90s themed dance party. Titled after Whitney Houstons’ famous “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” this is hands down the most fun 3 hours you can have in Denver this weekend, without breaking the law. Buy Tickets HERE to join the party! 


B. Psychadelic Castle Takeover – It’s not exactly what you’re thinking.. but it’s not that far off. With the new legalization of mushrooms in Colorado, the curiosity and boundaries are expanding rapidly. That’s where people like Colorado Psychedelic Club come in to play. They host events to teach about the medicinal benefits of psilocybin, how it can be treated for various illness and disorders, as well as the opportunity to meet others in the community that are interested in learning more. They have vendors, both food and local shops that will be on premises & entry is free. For more details about location & vendors. It can all be found HERE


3. The Lunar New Year Party Is Just Getting Started – I don’t know all the intricacies of the celebrations of other cultures, but I’m all about enjoying them! The Lunar New Celebration is spread over 2 weekends with parties ranging from shows in parks to ragers at Breweries. The Year of the Rabbit is sure to be a good one, especially with fun events scheduled to start the year! 

Example A: JADE MOUNTAIN BREWERY is throwing down on January 21st, so if you’re looking to ring in the new year Saturday swing on thru! Details can be found on their socials, but I’ve attached their FB event page here. Get’s going at 2 and runs til 8! 

Sunday Sesh- The Far East Center, Truang An Gifts & Little Saigon CO are throwing a RAGER, not only this weekend but next weekend as well! When I say rager, I don’t mean Bourbon Street, but an open-air market selling gifts, fresh produce & fruit, as well as having Lion Dances and events going all day! It’s family friendly rager, like that movie with Vin Diesel. I’ve attached the calendar for the first day, Sunday the 22nd, below and the whole calendar can be found on their FB page. 

Lion Dance Show In front of businesses.
11:00- Little Saigon- Shaolin Hung Mei
12:00 -Truong An Gifts- Shaolin Hung Mei
12:30- Viet’s- GDPT Nguyen Thieu
12:45- Saigon Bowl- GDPT Nguyen Thieu
1:00- Viet’s (Big Show)-Shaolin Hung Mei



Lastly, the National Western Stock Show’s last Hoorah! – The final weekend of events for the annual event. It’s always a hoot n holler as everyone gets to celebrate the two weeks of hard work & fun festivities.. drink em dry themes in the Cowboy Bar & Funnel Cake stand.. They still have the kid friendly events I mentioned in my previous blog, just as they have something for the bourbon drinkin Cowpokes looking to watch Dallas upset San Fran! You can get tickets for rodeos and other events HERE, but I’d recommend heeding the advice of Scott DeHuff and try to hit it up a few times and clip it all








Aight, I’m tired.. there’s more stuff to do but these are the events that piqued my interest. Looking for something different? You can ask me directly @Stoned_Appetit and I’ll try and put ya on something that fits your vibe.