The weather is getting better — for the weekend at least. Sunny and nearly 60. Obviously, there will be masses going up the mountains to get their turns and traffic in, but if you’re sticking around the front range here are my favorite things going down:

This weekend’s prominent party along the front range is 3 nights of Billy Strings at 1st Bank Center. He’s the king of the Bluegrass world right now & with regular sit in’s and guests joining. It’s sure to get jammy up in Broomfield. If you’re looking for tickets for Thurs, Fri or Sat you can check HERE

If you’re looking for us this weekend, at least during the day time.. you’ll find us at the most wholesome good boy convention in the world. Golden’s Golden Retriever Parade goes down Saturday, from 11-1 and it was quite possibly the cutest thing going in the state. To bring your golden to the parade, you will need to confirm with the Facebook group that runs the party, but you can find all the details HERE.

It’s family friendly obviously, and after the parade swing through the Golden Mill for a lil extra sunshine and a wall of beers! They have multiple patios and a litany of food options & is perfect place to tire out the kiddos if the puppy parade didn’t do the job.

The ultimate athletes are finally descending upon Denver… yep, you know this was coming!! The USA Mens & Womens Curling Championships start up this weekend (Feb 5-12) for a week of competition which I can only assume a party ensues after each throw/game/match. No one cares about the Pro Bowl festivities (seriously, why is that still a thing), especially when you have Olympic Champions in your backyard. If you want to get tickets to the events or find our details about pregaming with the Mile High Life team, you can check that out HERE

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea (or pint of beer) but Colorado is plum-full of craft beer events, every week. The one that piques my interest this week, is the “Days of Darks” at Wynkoop Brewery. Its a celebration of all the dark beers, the one perfect for winter time buzzes. Pair it with some hearty eats and a plaid shirt… you got yourself a party!! If you want more details about Saturday’s festivities, you can check it out HERE


Okay, so maybe Bluegrass doesn’t tickle your fancy. If you’re still looking to rock out this weekend; Saturday night Phil Lesh & friends hop on stage at Mission Ballroom. I know what you’re thinking, “he’s still alive”? Yep, Phil is alive and slaying it, so if you are looking to shake your tail feather this weekend, without leaving the downtown Denver you can get tickets HERE


Ok, my fingers hurt and my back is going to hurt if I keep hunching over this computer. Go out there and have some fun this weekend! Tag us @MileHighLife if you happen to hit up one of our recommended events, we’d love to share it with the community!