Here is a wrap on the podcasts that came out this last week as you make your way to work this Monday morning.

As always, catch up on the latest DeHuff Uncensored. A wrap of Scott DeHuff’s podcasts is linked right here. Be sure and check him out. Rate, review and subscribe!

First, we have Mile High Cinema. Last week, Trey Mitchell and Jess Schloth drafted “movies directed by women”. It was a great discussion about female-led cinema and what makes a great film. If you haven’t already, check out Mile High Cinema wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe on your favorite podcast catcher, plus rate and review.

Happy Friday dropped their latest episode! This week the fellas got down and dirty about the new Discussion Combustion studio, the oldest town in Colorado, Cougars in hot tubs (the animal) and much much more. Like, subscribe and rate/review. You can also check them out on YouTube.

Vic Lombardi spoke with conservative political maven Josh Penry about his journey from All State basketball player in Grand Junction to working in Washington and at the State Capitol. What’s Penry up to now? Vic and Penry talk about it all. Rate, review and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

Did that Age Well? had another week of a re-release. This week Molly Smith dipped into the DtAW archives and found a great episode on the Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Geller sexy murder mystery thriller Cruel Intentions. Did that hold up after 25 years? Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast catcher.

A brand new Left Hand Right Brain podcast dropped right as the week ended. This week JD Lopez invites Evan Johnson and Harrison Garcia to the LHRB studios to talk about the end of friendships and much much more. Left Hand Right Brain is a podcast for, about and by Colorado Stand Up comedians and what they do. Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast catcher.

Finally and, likely, least among the great podcasts above we have the latest episode of The GenX Show. This week Jeff continues his Kids Movies that Scared Us series with the Disney-led film that the studio hated, fired the director and hired him back film about creepy wheelers and Pumpkinhead’s: Return to Oz from 1985. Rate, review and subscribe on your preferred podcast provider.