New Orleans has a saying “everywhere else on Earth, it’s just another Tuesday”… well on April 20th in Denver, we play by the same rules.. it just hits different in the Mile High City.

If you’re looking for somewhere to party… Civic Center is the place. Most everyone will just celebrate the “holidaze” after work, not bothering to burn PTO on a Rick Ross concert… but for those that do, we have some spots you can load up or check out, including our favorite products for a fade.

Best Places to shop recreational:

RINO – Callies Cannabis (Don’t shop downtown)

LoHi – Good Chemistry Nursery

Highlands – Oasis Cannabis Superstore, The Joint

S. Broadway – A Cut Above, Colorado Harvest Company

Central Park – Go to Seed & Smith in Montbello

Glendale – Kind Love on Leetsdale

Lakewood – Leiffa (MED & Rec)

MEDICAL – Standing Akimbo. Hands down the best deals in the state & best products. You’re welcome.

Best Munchies:

We gave the whole rundown on Westword & Denver Post, but to avoid you having to leave my badass blog I’ll cliffnote it for yall:

Mexican food- La Diabla, Tacos Veloz, Taqueria El Sampa,

Pizza – Blue Pan, Grabowskis, Esters, New Image Brewing

Wings – King of Wings, Hong Kong BBQ

Asian – Hop Alley for refined dining, Yuan Wonton & Dating Yumy for dumplings, Happy Cafe or Hong Kong BBQ for casual dining.

Sammiches – Leven Deli (near Civic Center), Carmine Lenardo, Pony Up, Tortas ATM, Little Arthur’s Hoagies,

Southern style – Bourbon Grill, Blazin Chicken Shack, Genna Rae’s Wings & Things

Best Late Night Plans:

JAD’s Smoke Shop – Located in Adams County, is Colorado’s premier cannabis lounge & on 4/20 they have a doozy of a schedule.

Tetra Lounge – Place will be packed, but there will be great music, snacks & peoples. Check it out & its BYOW.

Ant Life – New location for canna-friendly events. Located downtown, it’s sure to be a scene this weekend.

Tom’s Starlight – Unsuspecting, but they’re throwing down on their patio on Colfax… ask for forgiveness not permission & bring your pen to the party.

Knew Conscious – Late night music is your thing? Well this is the place to be after the crowd dissipates with the smoke. Get tickets ahead of time, it’s gonna be rowdy.

Gothic Theater – TJ Miller (Denver native) the Comedian, will be doing a show for after the festivities for those looking to stay hazy through the evening.