From January 27-29th, the worlds greatest extreme athletes fly down into Neverland aka Aspen for a weekend of partying and Big Air. If you live in CO & fancy yourself a mountain or partying enthusiast.. spending a weekend up around the slopes is a big vibe. The parties are gnarly, the people are gorgeous and then you’re just sitting there ordering martinis or taking shots off brutally toned bellybuttons while dancing to dubstep…and thats just from 10 AM or 10PM.

I’d rank X GAMES as the second most fun weekend in January, in Aspen.. but thats because Gay Ski Week is an even bigger party with even more toned stomachs.. but back to the topic at hand: navigating X Games weekend in Aspen.

First off, come in a day before competition is broadcasted… the crowds are already building from the athletes and workers, to the locals who didn’t B&B their place and the buzz is palpable. The whole city subscribes to the idea that we’re gonna celebrate, no matter who wins!

Both on the mountain and in the town, the place is popping. Home Team BBQ is your beacon on the hill, Place is a vibe and as long as you have the proper access.. you can catch a buzz between the downhill runs. They used to have concerts on-site after the evening’s events.. but this year it looks like the party is gonna be more town based & Belly Up centric.

There’s nothing wrong with that either, the town is a vibe. If you know a local of the community, you’ll potentially have access to bars that usually only famous and attractive people hang out in, and sometimes you’ll even be invited to parties in art galleries or baller houses that aren’t open to the masses, but if you’re winging it, or going as a first timer then hopefully my limited advice can help ya navigate the scene!

Snowmass & Aspen are both readily accessible, as most of the events take place at the base of Buttermilk, so if you’re looking to ski.. HAVE AT IT! But if you are looking to get after it in another sense, might I recommend the following gauntlet:



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1. Belly Up – I’m sure tickets are a nightmare at this point but you can sign up for the waitlist for YUNG GRAVY’s Friday Night concert HERE, but if you can slide someone a few bucks to get through the door or find a ticket through backchannels… take advantage of it. It’s an intimate venue, multiple artists on the docket & the booze will be flowing. If you’re a name dropper or social media person, you’re sure to see some big names goofin off in here over the weekend


2. Swing thru the J Bar for a drink n watch the snow fall. It’s literally impossible to go in and spend under $100. I’ve never done it & I don’t think it’s actually feasible.. but seeing as no one watches their pocketbooks while on vacay in Aspen.. splurge for another round of espresso martinis while in your fancy hat & enjoy the scene.

3. Escobar – I’m sure there are cooler places to hit up & better DJ sets in other places around the town this weekend, but it’s a vibe that is worth experiencing.. at least 2-3x. Built out like the inside of a crashed plane, it seemingly always popping but not to the point you can’t find a way to get in or get a drink. This could be so a few years ago & there could be a much cooler distressed plane-themed bar in town, but this is my blog from my experiences.


4. Whitehouse Tavern – The chicken sammich is fuckworthy.

5. Zane’s Tavern – The only place that won’t break the bank. You can still catch the vibe of the town by posting up for chicken wings n draft beer. Locals  love the HH menu & you’ll be able to find live coverage of sports that aren’t on the snow.





6. D’Angelico Guitar Shop – no booze or food served here, but just a stones throw from Belly Up and all the eats on the main drag. It’s a lil shop where locals n world famous musicians alike, drop in just to pick on cool guitars n relax for a lil bit. Feel free to stop in, peruse the selection & chat up the team, there’s always a crew and tunes to mix it up with.

7. Elevate your game & hit up the Little Nell – Its the GOAT Apres spot in town. The staff is second to none, the wine selection is perfection and the food options are strong too. It’s on the high-end cost wise & sometimes ya have to wait for a table, but it’s always buzzin after a day on the slopes.


8. Check out the Art Galleries & Museums! They have the big ass Aspen Art Museum you can’t miss in town, but the smaller boutiques around the main strip offer a more intimate experience, often times are paired with complimentary drinks.. or if you walk in with your roadie, they may not bother ya too much. Skye Art Museum Is pictured above is a vibe & always a blast!


Aight, I’m tired again… I’m sure I missed some legit badass spots or events, but just wanted throw out some fun lil digs n things to check out around town.