This past week will make you question everything around you. In fact, you may be thrown into extended realm of constant judgment of those in your presence.

Anyway, you’re welcome!


I ate an amazing cheeseburger over the weekend. The problem is, I found a long hair in it just as I was about to finish it. Is it wrong that I pulled out the hair, then finished the burger?

Ladies with long fingernails freak me out for an odd, but logical reason.

Imagine being on a rollercoaster and it stopping mid-ride, then you’re forced to climb down a wet and steep staircase, all while the cold wind knocks you around. Yeah, that happened over in the UK on The Big One ride at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach. Add this to list of reasons I hate amusement parks. Other things on the list include the potential of witnessing clowns, and the fear of vomiting on the kiddie rides.

Beatriz Flamini – a 50-year-old Spanish athlete – went underground in a cave, in complete isolation for 500 days so scientists would be able to study her. Lets be honest, that sounds like a beautiful vacation!

People had the chance to get married in front of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile while it was in Las Vegas. I can’t help but drop some negative truth bombs on marriages that start this type of way.

I take you down my weird thought process that ultimately ended nowhere… or did it end somewhere? I honestly don’t know.

The 17th century equivalent for ‘Go to hell!’ was ‘Turd in your teeth!’ – Please use this in your life!! PLEASE!!


A 13-year-old boy had to be freed from a claw machine after he climbed inside hoping to score a prize, according to an official at a North Carolina amusement park. I get that those things rip you off, but know your limits, kid!

Russell Wilson rolled his golf cart over the weekend… he wasn’t hurt. But now I want to see Golf and Mario Kart merge!!

Lucas Helmke, an Australian father, has set a new world record for push ups, completing more than 3,206 in just one hour — that’s 53 every minute, or almost one a second.

Now, people like me question if he even did one based on his crap form.

Anthony Bass is a pitcher for the Blue Jays. He got upset with United airlines after they asked his pregnant wife to clean up the popcorn mess that her children made. This has the internet split.

Elon Musk is starting his own artificial intelligence called ‘X.AI”. This is not too long after he said publicly that AI needs to be paused.


Some may say this episode will be enhanced if you alter your state of consciousness. So have at it – or don’t.

A Google Street View car ran someone over in South Africa, and the pictures were uploaded for some odd reason.

Zen Cannabis made a giant 420 lb weed chocolate bar.

A team at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro is taking birds that have been preserved through taxidermy and converting them into drones in order to study flight.

Snoop Dogg’s professional blunt roller says she makes between 75 and 150 joints a day and earns $50,000 a year. What happens when Snoop decides he doesn’t need her anymore? Hopefully she gets a job at Taco Bell so they roll better burritos.

I give you the best snacks to eat when you’re high. And no, these aren’t fancy, they’re just delicious!

I give you some stories that will turn your mind inside out. These are so good, I can’t even tell you what they’re about. I will say that they will make you question the world around you.


Two time Super Bowl Champion for the Denver Broncos – National Champion for the Colorado Buffaloes – Denver sports radio legend – My friend… Alfred Williams joined the podcast.

Big Al and I spoke about his time working with Scott Hastings and how it helped develope his skills in broadcasting.

The story of why Shannon Sharpe gave Alfred the nickname, Hot Plate. Plus, the NSFW nickname for another teammate.

We also discussed the elements that go into developing a championship team, whether it’s in sports or business.

And why did the Denver Broncos fail last season?