What a whirlwind of emotions this week on the pod. It’s like bad soap opera – love, violence, lies, jewelry you shouldn’t put in your mouth, and a whole bunch of of other stuff.


Ricardo Juarez wanted to propose to the his girlfriend, Stephani Gutierrez. So while they were at the Dodgers game, he decided to jump onto the outfield and pop the question. Well, then Ricardo got popped by the stadium security – really popped. Like snot bubbles out the nose, popped. This sparked a lot of conversation – did the security guard overreact?

I’m actually more irritated with the idea of a public proposal.

T-Rex’s appearance in Jurassic Park is a big fat lie!! I know, shocking considering that’s based on a true story.

Anyway, evidence suggests that instead of a mouthful of fangs sticking out like a crocodile’s, the T-Rex had lips which covered its teeth whenever its mouth was closed. Like a Komodo Dragon or Angelina Jolie.

Should artificial intelligence be shut down or at least paused? Elon Musk, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, along with many others say, yes!

I asked ChatGPT some questions about the future of AI. Its answers are straight to the point, obvious, troubling, and borderline erotic – depending what you’re into.


When will humans start living on Mars? I explain the science of the process by stealing the words out of smart peoples’ mouths. I basically Googled ‘Terraforming Mars’, and repeated some of what I found. I feel smart now.

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded a 4 year old in India as the youngest published author. It got me thinking, what if I wrote a children’s book with one of my characters? What would it be called? Connery, Cowboy, Mama, and others took a big swing and miss at some titles.

There’s a dog in England that only responds to a heavy Northern Irish accent. So naturally I had to take a crack at it. I may have offended Irish culture.

In Melbourne, Australia, they’re having a mad rush of people buying sex dolls to fight traffic tickets. They’re using them in the express lanes. I’m sure that’s the only thing they’re using them for.

Kota Kai, owner and operator of Tokyo eatery Debu-chan, wants his customers to enjoy their dining experience even more. So he is making sure they aren’t distracted by their phones ban banning their use in his establishment.


I found an old school version of the Oregon Trail game, and I was playing it with my 8 year old daughter. I forgot about the odd life lessons in the game. For instance, dysentery will most likely end you.

Amanda Booth is the owner operator of Jizzy Jewelry. Looking at the company name you can figure out how she makes her products.

FYI, she made $300k making this type of stuff last year

So, she made an egg out of a customer’s semen not too long ago. Anyway, I had some fun with the idea of a guy displaying his jizz egg at his house.

A thief in Pennsylvania stole a 3 foot foam carrot from the Clearview Mall in the city of Butler.

The security guard chased him down, then was dragged by the thief’s vehicle for a quarter mile. It was a 3 foot foam carrot! Not worth it, bro!

Dani Renyolds of Australia, broke a Guinness World Record when they crafted a wig measuring 8 feet and 6 inches wide. I don’t understand some people.

Disney and Dwayne Johnson revealed they are in the beginning stages of creating a live action movie of Moana. Kevin Hart better be playing the chicken character, Heihei.

John Elway is officially done with the Denver Broncos. While so many like to bash on Elway for his time as the Broncos GM, I think it’s time we get out of the pool of hate and appreciate what Elway did for the franchise.


Cadbury and Subway are teaming up in the UK to giveaway a limited amount of a special sub. It’s a sub filled with melted Cadbury eggs. It basically looks like a bad decision.

Also, the Easter Bunny is a disgusting lie. I mean, really disgusting. This a great time to remind listeners that this podcast isn’t made for children.

A pilot in South Africa was forced to make an emergency landing after he discovered a cape cobra curled up at his feet. Snakes and spiders have no place in a plane or car. If one makes it into my vehicle, I may just burn it to the ground.

DIA is ranked third in the world for busiest airport. With that knowledge, you better be ready to go through security and backup the line.

A man was beaten with a frozen fish. Great, now I’m going to have nightmares about the Gorton fisherman. But I am hungry for fish sticks.

An 18-year-old girl in India had to undergo emergency surgery after swallowing her cell phone during a fight with her brother. Who thinks away to win an argument is to swallow a phone?!