Union Station will host a free music festival on Dec. 21, featuring local talents, designed to inspire others to play music themselves. According to Union Station’s webpage for the event, performers of all ages, races, levels, and styles of music will be welcome welcome. Performances will be held in the Great Hall from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Based upon a French festival that grew from its humble origins in 1982 into worldwide celebration of music, June 21’s “Make Music Day” is held in more than 1,000 cities in 120 countries. “Completely different from a typical music festival, Make Music is open to anyone who wants to take part. Every kind of musician — young and old, amateur and professional, of every musical persuasion — pours onto streets, parks, plazas, and porches to share their music with friends, neighbors, and strangers. All of it is free and open to the public,” the site explains.

Union Station will be participating in this year’s “Make Music Winter,” a winter version of the festival collection that started on winter solstice in New York City in 2011 and has since expanded to more than 35 cities.